Robert Guthrie (spids69) wrote in azrockybbng,
Robert Guthrie

Looking For PA's & Extras

Blood Moon Rising, an independant feature will be shooting June 7th to July 1st at CJS Studios in West Phoenix.

We are looking for PA's and Interns in every department for June 7th - July 1st. We understand if you cannot come out for the entire shoot due to work, etc. Contact us and we'll work something out.

We are also looking for extras that can commit to entire nights.

June 15 and 16 - We need people who own their own armor to play Orcs.

June 19th - We need 4 Go-Go dancers with outfits that would fit in a 1969 Biker Bar (leathers, etc) and a female Bartender who is approximately 5'3 and size 4-5 (will be losing costume to a main character, just like in Terminator, so must be this size).

June 21st - We need extras with their own old west costumes. (All Ages, under 18 with parent present)

June 28th - We need extras with their own 1960's hippie outfits. (18+ preferred, teens with parent may be okay)

They will recieve screen credit.

These are not paid positions.

Contact us at

Robert Guthrie
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