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With your host


When: EVERY MONDAY from 7:00pm-9:00pm

The show your Mom told you would cause Morning Sickness and Irregular period cycles. YOUR DISTURBED DISCOURSE WITH D. D being the 4th letter of Alphabet making this show 4 times worse then any show with a hosted named A. AHH A? Fuck you Fonzie! DnA. OOH I wanna do the DNA horizontal pop with some of the listeners. I Can't Lie! So Now that you have nuked your favorite cheese sandwich and watched your Mom dominate your Dad like the Milkman TUNE IN AND LISTEN! That's what tuning in to is like. Pure pain and misery for your lungs and sides as you laugh your ass off at the bullshit DnA produces. You never know if Taint Mcgee or Sergeant Major Woody may drop in.

You say you want a revolution? Well watch a fucking Nike commercial we are to bust appeasing the gods of music piracy to give a funk what exactly you would like to listen to.

Topic for this weeks show: ,Weekend Up-To-Date, Get your Colon Cleaned and a Side of Sex. What the Fuck is a Drive By Masturbator? Terri Schiavo is starving to death she can have my table scraps! Profile of a Slut we dive deep into the mind of what every male wants but what we point fingers at and laugh. Until Congress passes an act that we can't do this show we will be here polluting your bandwidth and wanting naked pictures of all the listeners!


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Listening in is a rite of passage.

Would you listen if you heard an on air Blow Job?
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