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X-Box Raffle ...

The first week of the X-Box Raffle went great! A total of $42 dollars was raised. If this can be kept up every weekend during the summer I will be happy. I would also like to extend this raffle beyond the boundaries of the Rocky Horror show.  I would like to extend the opportunity to win the x-box to everyone in the various branches of Phoenix's Goth Scene.

The raffle tickets are only one dollar each, they must be purchased from me. If you buy a copy of the Only Sorrow CD from me for $10 ( the on line and store price of the CD remains the same. ) you will also get 15 raffle tickets.  Proceeds from the raffle are going to Ellen Claire Lawrence Memorial Scholarship at Glendale Community College.  In addition to funds donated to the scholarship at GCC for every $10 raised for the scholarship during this raffle $1 will be donated to the Thomas J. Pappas school for homeless children.

Thanks to the cast and members of BB&G for giving me the opportunity to join you for the summer for these good reasons.
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